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Physician Services
Clinically Complex Nursing
Rehabilitation Services
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Pain Management
Speech Therapy

Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Stroke Recovery Program
Wound Care/ Wound Vac
Respiratory Care (COPD, Pneumonia, C-Pap/Bi-Pap)
Diabetes Management

Social Work Services
Psychological Services
Palliative Care
Comfort Care
Hospice Care
Dementia Care
Long Term Care

Post-Surgical Care
Tracheostomy Care
I.V. Therapy/ PICC
Enteral Nutrition
Nutritional Therapy
Recreational Therapy
Spiritual Services

Skilled Nursing Care

We provide 24 hour skilled and sub-acute Nursing Care. Our nursing staff is available around the clock, to manage the care of our residents. Our Medical Director has many years of experience dealing with a wide range of chronic and acute medical conditions. We have wonderful programs dealing with varying levels of dementia as well as other psychological and social disorders.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation is a key component of our Nursing Home. Led by Alex Santos we have a dynamic and devoted rehab team. Alex runs many rehab facilities and is a true expert in the field. We have a recently renovated rehab treatment center with state of the art equipment. The rehab department is divided into two categories, short term rehab for residents who are returning home and a rehab program for long term residents who are experiencing a decline and have potential for being restored to a higher level of function.

Short Term Rehabilitation

Residents who come in following surgery or a medical event such as a stroke or fracture receive comprehensive therapy from our team of professionals. Our primary goal is to restore the residents to their prior level of functioning allowing them to return to their homes in the community. In addition to their rehabilitation we provide them with emotional support to help them through this difficult period in their life. Our team of professionals have extensive training and experience in rehabilitative medicine. Our team provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and audiology, post-operative orthopedic care, post-stroke training in self-care, post cardiac care and rehabilitation and restorative nursing care.

Long Term Care

As our long term population ages they sometimes experience a decline in activities of daily living. Our nursing staff, as well as our therapists are constantly monitoring each resident’s level of function. If a decline is discovered, the patient is referred to the therapist who evaluates the resident for potential improvement. The residents that have potential are given a program tailor made for their needs to help them regain prior level of function. Our therapy program helps the residents to maintain a high level of function allowing them to experience their old age with independence and dignity.

Palliative, Comfort and Hospice Care

We provide palliative and comfort care for residents and families facing end of life issues. Services include pain management, comfort and safety care, psychological, emotional and spiritual support. Our specialized medical and dietary staff addresses all symptoms of the resident disease process to provide maximum comfort to our residents during this difficult time. We have contracted with several hospice services to provide on site hospice care.

Dementia Care

Our devoted staff is committed to providing quality care to those residents suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Our medical and nursing staff provides a loving and caring environment for these residents. They engage the residents in various cognitive activities with the goal of maintaining and helping their cognition. Our staff psychiatrist and psychologist play an integral role in the providing of dementia care.

Physician Services

Under the leadership of our experienced medical director, our team of physicians provides routine and acute medical care to our residents. Physician services are available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. All treatment plans for our residents are under the guidance of our physicians and they are intimately involved in all aspects of care.

Mental Health Services

At Oxford we pride ourselves on our ability to care for residents who are dealing with mental health issues. Treatment is a team effort with everyone from our medical director to our social workers involved. Through individual and group psychotherapy, our experienced therapists assist residents dealing with difficult emotional and psychiatric issues. They provide support and an opportunity for residents to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. When medically necessary, our psychiatrist intervenes with medication management services.

Social Work Services

Each resident is assigned a social worker upon admission. The social workers are provided to residents and families to assist in dealing with issues related to placement, adjustment and discharge planning. Our social work staff is readily accessible to families for telephone and in-person consultation. The social workers advocate on behalf of the residents and treat them like a member of their own family. Our multi cultural staff speaks numerous languages including: Spanish, French, Creole, Russian and Polish.

Recreation Services

Our passionate activities staff offer a variety of programs based on a resident’s interests, needs and abilities. Our staff tailors a program to accommodate the resident’s history and interests. Events take place daily throughout the facility and in our newly constructed residents’ lounge. Individualized one to one activities are provided in residents rooms for those residents requiring this type of service. Regularly scheduled trips to the movies, beaches, shopping malls or sporting events occur throughout the year.

Dietary Services

Dietary services are provided by our Registered Dietitians and the Food Service Director. The dietitians make sure the residents are getting the proper nourishment and eating healthy. Our Food Service Director takes great pride in making sure the residents are receiving tasty food. She meets with the residents often so she can receive their input and make any possible accommodations. We provide a large number of therapeutic diets based on the physician orders. Nutritional counseling is provided to help the resident better understand the nature of their dietary needs as a result of their diagnoses.


Our passionate recreation department is committed to providing a stimulating environment for all of our residents. The members of the department offer a rich variety of programs based on a resident’s interests, needs, and abilities. There are daily activities inside the facility as well as trips for the residents who are capable of going out. We have different performers who come in to provide entertainment for the residents.  Residents are also able to relax in our newly built recreational lounge.

Resident Services & Amenities
• Barber Shop
• Holiday Programs and Events
• Spiritual Services
• Transportation to Medical Appointments
• Help with Medicaid Applications
• Social Service Assistance
• Laundry and Linen Services